lunedì 23 aprile 2012

Set a language to your keyboard

Being a former student of Greek language, the most frequent question I was asked is: how can you write Greek  on your computer? Easy!Adding a new language to your keybord toolbar...
As quick as a wink! :)
Follow the steps below.

1. Open the Control Panel

2. From the right column of the opened window, go to International settings and time. Then select Change keyboards or other input methods.  

3. View the tab named Keyboards and languages and click on Change keyboards 

 4. Click on the Add button

 5. A list of languages will appear. You can select the language you want to add, ticking the kind of keyboard and the language variety you are interested in. You can also preview the keyboard, i.e. which letter every character of the keyboard will correspond to.
Once you're selected you can click the OK button.
 6. In the left box a list with the set languages will appear. Clic on Apply on the bottom-right corner.
 7. After closing all the windows, on your desktop, right bottom side of the toolbar, you'll notice a little square with the abbreviated name of the set language(s). If you click on it you'lle see the list of all the languages and you can tick the one you are going to use. Please, notice that the new set language is valid only for the application you are using (e.g. Internet, Word, dictionary etc.). Open an app first and set a language - you might use Greek when googling and Italian on Word at the same time. :D

8. There you go, I opened a new Word file, set Greek as language and wrote down.

Notice that usually, in the new keyboards the same sounds will be "kept" on the same buttons. Yet, at the beginning it will be a great adventure to explore all the new secrets of your keyboard! ...with stresses and puntuation to guess...
Did you find the post useful?  :)