venerdì 6 gennaio 2017

UDEMY: New year resolution- bring your career to the next level by learning something new

New year, new resolutions...among them most of us will put a *learning ...(fill in the blank with your favourite topic). Especially as self-employed professional developmente becomes the key to thrive in your business and serve your clients in the best possible ways.

My resolution for this year is to learn Portuguese and brush up my French - plus a number of other skills to learn and hone (sales and marketing among them), but these two languages are the learning priority.

What about you? What are you going to learn? And how?

Nowadays, there's a host of resouces available for any taste and pocket - online and offline.
I love learning in general and always do it, either reading or attending webinars and online courses. The web is full of the so-called MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and one of my favourite learning portals, alongside with Coursera, is Udemy.

I have enrolled in a number of courses on Udemy and so far have been very happy with them. Some trainings are free, whereas others are accessible upon payment. Prices range from €10 to more than €200 but they are all worth spending...and as well, keep an eye on seasonal offers and sales!

After the Black Friday week, Udemy is offering all its courses at the ridiculous price of €10! You heard it right - hurry up, though: it's valid only until 10th January.

You can't attend it now? Still buy the courses you are interested in and then set some time aside for learning!

Happy learning in 2017!!


P.S. Clic over the picture or any of the "Udemy" names to access the vast selection of courses.