lunedì 10 marzo 2014 or "Be bop a lula": love languages!

There's one place online whose aim is to have (almost) everything you need when you have to do with languages. The website is It is very articulate, full of contents and activities and seem to have a wide audience in mind, from beginners language learners to language professionals: you could literally spend hours just exploring it and discovering what it has to offer...
Lets' start with language professionals and/or language bloggers. If you belong to any of these categories you might know thanks to a popular competition it has been running for a few years now: web readers nominate the top language lovers blog, learning blogs, professional blogs, Facebook pages and Twitterers...of course all about languages! itself manages an interesting blog...about languages, travels and internship opportunities abroad. The blog title? Just, lovely...Lexiophiles!
If you have your own blog/website you can also embed a dictionary, a quiz plugin or install a browser toolbar with the dictionary. olso offers professional human translations - all you need to do is to upload the document you want to be translated, in order to have a price quote.

And now it's the language learners' turn...
- The first important section is the dictionary. It section offers multiple language combinations. And together with the direct translation of a word you will get a sample sentence - brilliant to stick words in your memory!!
And then you find the cooler bit: the one about Vocabulary! There's plenty of tasks you can carry out to work on it:
- Attend language lessons with flashcards on a specific topic and create new lessons for you to revise or for others to have fun!
- Test yourself taking quizzes on a specific semantic area and play games to learn or revise. There are numerous options: hangman (classic game!!), match-it and memorize (like memory cards) - quite similar games -, quizzes about homophones to make you aware of the tricks of the English language.

- Doubts and questions about a language? Here you go. In the forum, you can ask questions and get some help by other users or browse through the thousands of threads already started.
What if the doubt has to do with verbs and expressions? No worries! took care of it as well! In the section conjugation you just type in the verb, pick the language and you'll be able to see the full conjugation.
And if that's not enough you can also check the collocation frequency in the wording section, by typing in the search bar an expression you want to use (e.g. look forward + to).

The icing on the cake for language geeks? The phrases dictionary: phrases are used daily in many occasions without realizing it and are absolutely indispensable if you want to give your best when you speak a foreign language! Notice that also provides apps for your smartphone.

The whole website caters for 25 languages (mainly European languages, along with a few Asian and African ones), which means that you need to choose the working languages for the activity you want to do - although not every language (combination) is available for every activity.

This was a quick overview - start exploring now and get lost among words!!
There's still so much to discover!!