sabato 12 febbraio 2011

Chinese for beginners

"Made in China" products have dominated our markets in the last decades and larger and arger Chinese communities are growing in our cities...but what do we know about this country and culture?Majestic and thousand-years old Chinese still keeps its mystery...and the best way to approach it could be picking up some few expressions and words that might come useful.
That's why EU built up a website,, in order to provide European businesses with better cultural and language skills to compete on international market.
The course is completely free. After few introductory pages about Chines culture, language, traditions, geography, history and much more, you can plung yourself into the base language course. The proposed materials are business-companies trageted, but anyone could actually try out the course and get a first acquaintance with Chinese.
The lessons offered are 10:
  • in the airplane;
  • arriving in Shanghai;
  • in the hotel;
  • in the restaurant;
  • exchanging money and going shopping;
  • asking for directions;
  • talking to a company at the Fair;
  • making travel plans;
  • at the Pharmacy;
  • checking products and signing contracts.
Every lesson has the communicative objectives listed at the beginning and all the expressions and sentences are presented within a context by means of the history and the dialogues of Anna Clark e David Martin travelling to Cina. Every lesson includes a separatesection focused on key words and expressions. The vocabulary section is intergrated by grammar explanations, excercises, cultural advice and a revising section.

You just have to be brave ...and try it!