venerdì 23 dicembre 2011

Quizlet - empowering your vocabulary

Which is the indispensable part of a language? the VOCABULARY!It does not matter how basic your grammar just need few words...and you'll be safe (or into troubles)...
Quizlet offers its registered users an almost limitless series of flashcards. They are like virtual postcards meant to facilitate your learning y stimulating your visual memory. The section languages and vocabulary includes many languages.
On every flashcard a word is written with its translation in the language you are interested in.Once you have viewed the card for the first time, you can test yourself through:

  • spelling excercises with dictate;
  • re-writing based on a given definition;
  • test;
  • matching game with the words on both languages;
  • timed challenges.
You can even listen to the word pronounciation, share the cards on the social networks or create new ones.

Quizlet also includes "specialized" sections related to various disciplines (es. medecine, art), but all in English. Interesting, isn't it?

Have fun,