mercoledì 18 gennaio 2012

The spellchecker

First post in English and of 2012!!
It's about a very useful tool I'm using more and more, the spellchecker.

The name speaks for itself...what's the point of spellchecking? surely when you write emails in half an hour, translate thousands of words a day or write a document at work, you can proofread them dozens of times, yet there will be something dodging your glance or, in the worst case you won't even hav time to proofcheck properly. But... that little tiny typo could even compromise your career...

A user and time-friendly tool the spellchecker waits for you: it is made up by an empty space where you can paste your text. Clic on the button down left and a new windows will appear, highlighting the wrong word and a box below the text will suggest all the possible solutions.

The spellchecher I'm recommending can be used with 24 languages.
It also includes a grammar checker (not tested it yet) and a thesaurus - absolutely necessary especially for creative writing.

This is just one of the many you can find browsing through the net.
Some must be purchased (with dowloadable   and/or online version).

I always use spellchecker when I translate.
And you? Drop me a comment.