venerdì 14 settembre 2012

The Pimsleur Method

The Pimsleur Method is a nice and interactive way to rapidly learn the essential vocabulary of a language in order to communicate effectively in real situations within a short time! According to a number of studies and statistical data...knowing ONLY 500 words of a language...we are able to understand averagely the 80% of what we read/hear...
   And here we are...WHAT should we learn soon? Have a look at this article to learn more. 
The principle of "core vocabulary" is only one of the four on which the Pimsleur method is grounded, as invented by the linguist Paul Pimsleur. The other three are:

  • graduated interval record: we memorize a word/an expression only when forced to recall it after a while;
  • anticipation: it's a mental process we develop when listening to somebody speaking to us, i.e. somehow we prepare our mind to react to what is said and unconsciously try to anticipate the other's feedback;
  • organic learning: the course will have the same impact as our native language did since our birth - we'll listen and listen and absorb sound s, rythm and meaning.
Paul Pimsleur
The Pimsleur course is available for dozens of languages (and language combinations) and are structured into three clusters of 30-minutes audio lessions. Every lesson will have a guiding voice speaking your language and introducing/explaining the foreign expression, which will be pronounced by a native speaker.
All the expressions are linked with each other as in a gialogue and the voice will guide throug hthe dialogue making you repeat the sentences or answering to them. Every lesson will introduce new formulas and recall back the old ones and gradually...there you are...speaking a new language!!
Some lessons are accompanied by few written words, passages and excercises also.
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Enjoy it!
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