mercoledì 17 febbraio 2016

Translator at Work

S.Valentine's Day has just gone by...and you're still searching for that special present for your partner, who happens to work as a translator and/or interpreter.
If you're short of ideas...this is the perfect suggestion for you!
Get him/her an original sticker for some unusual personal marketing.

Translators and interpreters might often suffer for their "invisibility". It's high time they also get their share of presence and this little gift will make your partner feel appreciated for what he/she does.

Last October, I attended the Language Show in London and had the chance to meet up with other fellow translators and interpreters...and among them there she was: Martina Russo, the bubbly personality behind "Translator at work", a tiny shop focused on creating these cute stickers. Martina is a young Italian translator, full of zest for life, vibrant energy and creativity, who will leave a happy mark in your memory at the first meeting!

I love people like and love these little big ideas which can make your day!
I loved the stickers so much that I bought one also for my house-mate (of course she's a translator as well). Have a look at the online shop!

Ordering your favourite sticker is quick and easy.You won't find stickers for translators and interpreters only (in English and Italian); over time, the shop has expanded including other independent professions, like blogger, designer, video editor and SEO expert.

What are you waiting for? stand out from the crowd and pick your "Translator at Work" sticker.