lunedì 26 dicembre 2016

Gift ideas for translators: 3 books on how to run a freelance business

I know some of you still did not get a present for your best friend who is a went crazy rummaging through bookshops looking for the best gift ideas but nothing really inspired you! Here are few simple ideas that will help you make the perfect present for your dear translator.

Years and years spent studying grammar, literaure and linguistic theories are not enough if your friend translator has decided to go freelancing and has no experience nor training as entrepreneur.
Any of these books will be definitely appreciated so that your friend will discover the business side of translaiton.

1. The entrepreneurial linguist: the business-school approach to freelance translation.

This is a short guide written by Judy and Dagmar Jenner, two twins who also work as freelance translators between the US and Switzerland. It collects loads of useful tips on how to set a freelance translation business. Freelancers often consider themselves simple professionals, forgetting they are actually a business - a solo business!

2. Tredici passi verso il lavoro di traduttore: diventare traduttore freelance in Italia e nella Svizzera italiana. di Luca Lovisolo

If your friend is Italian, he/she might love this book as well. Luca Lovisolo runs a very interesting blog on translation and has collected a series of tips on how to work as a freelancer in the Italian and Italia-Swiss market. I would highly recommend subscribing to his newletter ("infolettera" as he calls it).

3. How to succeed as a freelance translator by Corinne Mc Kay

Corinne Mc Kay is also a very successful American translator who runs a very interesting blog and newsletter on translation and on the freelance life. She presents interesting points on how to set the price, arrange work and choose a specialization area.

Run to buy a special present to your favourite translator: you'll help them thrive and be happy!
Do you like these ideas? Let me know how it goes when you give him7her the present.