giovedì 1 settembre 2011

Verbix...the conjugator

September sweet September: it's high time to prepare your written have to study a foreign language and can never remember the right past tense of that damned verb?
No fears, no tears: here is Verbix! It sounds like a superhero, doesn't it?
but it's not...or it's maybe a magic pill to eat to empower your verbs memory?
Well,'s a kind of WWF of languages...or, better to say, of verbs. Sponosored by UNESCO, Verbix offers and online conjugator for 92 languages. Choose the language you're interested in, write in the base form of the verb (e.g.Italian infinitive), one voilà...the verb was conjugated in all its tenses, persons and modalities!
Is that all? Verbix will amaze you with other functions, like the WikiVerb containing few information for every language, the world language map and even a downloadable software to conjugate the verbs off-line.

You have nothing to do but to try it!